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Communication Skills


Having an ambition is good. Do you have the ambition to be a good public speaker where your colleagues or workers can look up to you? The courses below can push you up one level. You will be surprised that your communication skills will triple by the end of 6 months, and the impact on others will be everlasting.

Do you know that the ability to communicate effectively can make a company great, just as an inability to communicate effectively can utterly destroy a company and its reputation?  Even if your employees have good working knowledge of the language in your workplace, that may not mean they know how to use it effectively when dealing with customers and business contacts.  Ambitious Language Centre prepares you and your employees to communicate clearly and concisely – both verbally and written. Through our speaking programs, we can transform bad communicators into good ones.

(A) SPEAKING –Elementary (SP-1)

In general, the Elementary stage is a point for students with little or no knowledge of the English language. This course undertakes its role by imparting students with fundamental English phrases and sentences frequently used in conversation. You will get to master at least 750 words in order for you to be able to engage in a conversation with others. A dialogue book is used.

e.g., situations involving telephone conversations, greetings, describing people, offering help, asking for directions etc..


Who needs to take it?

  • Students who do not understand what communication really is.
  • Students who lack the courage to say what they think
  • Students who do not practise speaking English
  • Students who always speak their mother tongue too often
  • Students who develop ineffective listening skills
  • Students who do not speak clearly and do mumble.
  • Students who do not pronounce their words correctly.
  • Students who do not use intonation to speak


(B) SPEAKING –Intermediate (SP-2)

In general, this course is a point for students who can conduct very simple conversations in English, or who have completed SP-1. Students here will learn about 900 words and will be taught more advanced conversation skills. Here, for instance, student A will speak more by replying to student B regarding a complaint, persuading someone to go out, or stopping a quarrel.

E.g., situations in complaints and criticisms, suggesting and advising, stopping a strike.

Who needs to take it?

  • Students who are quite fluent in speaking
  • Students who want to learn to be clear, concise and to speak on important matters directly without wasting time with long drawn out stories.
  • Students who want to reduce weaknesses in the quality or quantity with which they communicate to people.
  • Students who want to stay focused on what they are trying to communicate, which will show that they are indeed open to assisting others with their issues
  • Students who want to learn more about phonetics to guide their intonation.


(C) SPEAKING –Advanced (SP-3)

This course will welcome students who have passed the Intermediate level, or who show a good grasp of the English language. This course will require the students to join the Toastmaster program (although not mandatory), which will tremendously enhance their speaking skills. This stage will propel the speaking quality of the students to a much higher level by exposing them to the real world in public speaking. As the Toastmaster program will be conducted in-house, all guidelines will follow those of Toastmaster International. What’s more, performance will be based on peer evaluation. A grading score will determine whether the student has passed or failed.

Who needs to take it?

  • Essentially, those who want public speaking practices and are going to be involved or already involved in public speaking.


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