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It is with much delight to know that you have taken your precious time to visit the Ambitious Language Centre website. Our aspiration is that you, whether as a student or parent, will discover our website to be very helpful, informative, and user-friendly. After this pleasant visit, you will have a wonderful and pleasing idea of all we have to offer.

Ambitious Language Centre is a magnificent place for students from diverse backgrounds to grow academically, be immersed, and be part of a meaningful Ambitious Language Centre learning experience.  In every way that places of learning, such as ours, are measured, whether it is academically in the English language, the culinary arts, in the other sciences, or athletically in sport, Ambitious Language Centre is always there for you to excel.

Our curriculum, course offerings, co- and extra-curricular offerings are second to none. They are rigorous, and the standards are high and will remain so, yet easily manageable. We monitor progress closely and reward success, as we unearth talents and foster abilities. All our students have easy access to learning facilities and opportunities that match their ambitions and open their eyes. They come with the best, and we endeavor to build a conducive environment where every student is given the much-needed attention and care crucial to achieve individual success. We also strive to provide the best educational experience possible, and our dedicated teachers will teach to the best of their ability, guiding the students on a joint and fruitful path that will give you or your child the aptitude, stamina, and skills indispensable for a productive future in college or career.

Our motto is simple. We uphold the GPS principle. Our students have learned this acronym well. G stands for “Give” what the client asks for, P for “Promise” to deliver within the time expectation and S for “Strength” that we have in terms of quality, caring, and qualified teaching staff and the pleasant environment.

As children go through a lot during their time at school, we want you to know we build confidence in them in those early years and lay firm foundations for the rest of their education. This stance we take is the same for adult learners who will surely take pride in the quality of the education we provide. As they make their way through school/college, they need the space to grow and develop as individuals. All of this is made possible by the strong partnerships that are developed with you, as a student or parent, and can be passed on to this centre to nurture you or your child’s potential further.

Our curriculum goals are based on the following beliefs:

  • Like children, they require large blocks of non-stop time to discover activities to conquer new skills.
  • When children play make-believe, they use their imaginations and develop creativity. So, there is a need to tap into these potentials, and surely you will see them grow.
  • They develop small motor skills by working with puzzles, crayons, markers, playdough, pegs, and boards. Hence, this is where we provide the Cambridge Starters, Movers and Fliers English courses which will come in handy to provide such assistance.
  • Also, as adults develop, they are sometimes lost in their world because the immense difficulty to use the spoken and written English correctly sometimes overwhelms them. Adults also require large blocks of uninterrupted time to keep continuing conversing in English and conquer new skills
  • As adults develop grammar and vocabulary skills, they need to tap into world-class textbooks to enhance and quicken learning. Therefore, our learning goals are to provide and espouse on such need, using these quality textbooks.
  • Consequently, I hope that our website has been very helpful to you in your search endeavor to find a place to study, and we extend the best wishes to you in this new beginning as you rise to a higher education level.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us.


Thank you very much.

Warm regards


Dr. Edward S.K. Chin

Dip. (Mgt.), Dip. (T.E.S.O.L), B.Sc. (Finance), M.B.A, D.B.A. 

(Train-the-Trainer, HRDF Certified Trainer)


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